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Coronavirus: Most Dead In New York Are Latino
Coronavirus: Most Dead In New York Are Latino

Video: Coronavirus: Most Dead In New York Are Latino

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Video: Inside One of New York’s Deadliest Zip Codes | Coronavirus News 2023, January

The news that reaches us from New York City during the brutal coronavirus scourge breaks our hearts. And now NBC News says the Latino community is suffering the most from the virulent outbreak of human loss : 34 percent of those killed in the Big Apple are Latino.

While Latinos make up 29% of the population, these are the chilling numbers of the deceased with respect to their ethnicity: if the average number of white deaths is 10 people out of a hundred thousand, Hispanics reach up to 22 deceased! More than double… And if the numbers may sound cold, it is the people and the stories behind the numbers that fill our eyes with tears.

Mexico Coronavirus
Mexico Coronavirus

The same media interviewed Ricardo Román, who woke up on Wednesday asking God for the necessary strength to see his father for the last time … That same afternoon he attended his funeral.

Ramón Román was fifty-two years old when he died of complications from the coronavirus in a Brooklyn hospital. Ricardo's father worked for ten years as a police assistant in the New York City department. He left behind his widow, Yngris Pagán, four children and two grandchildren.

"It's been very difficult since we heard the news," Ricardo, also a police officer, said in an interview with NBC News. “I started crying, my children also because of their grandfather. After that, I had to find the strength and the courage to communicate it to my mom."

Gloves in the street / Coronavirus
Gloves in the street / Coronavirus

Ramón last saw his father on March 14, just three weeks ago. His dad was happy, wanting to hug his third grandson on the way, proud that his son had been promoted to sergeant and planning his vacation for August.

“That was the last time he gave me a kiss and a hug. Her last words were: Oh, my God, how much I love you. I just want you to know…”, he recalled excitedly.

This is just a story behind the (approximately) six thousand deaths that have made New York a veritable ordeal during this Easter in 2020, a date that will go down in history due to the pandemic that has so far claimed more than one hundred thousand dead around the world.

If you need updated information about COVID-19, its symptoms, treatment, etc,. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, which offers service in Spanish:


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