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Latino Celebrities Who Do Believe In God

Latino Celebrities Who Do Believe In God
Latino Celebrities Who Do Believe In God

Video: Latino Celebrities Who Do Believe In God

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Easter is a very special time for Christians around the world. It is a time of year that for many, including multiple celebrities, is synonymous with reflection, renewal and revival.

Taking advantage of the arrival of Easter, take a look at some of the most recognized names in the world of Latin entertainment that have a great devotion to God:

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

The Bronx Diva is a woman of faith, so one of her most important traditions before each performance is to meet with her entire team to pray with them. For JLo celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and other religious celebrations are perfect moments to be with family and share with their followers beautiful messages that reveal their faith in God.

The Puerto Rican singer, 51, has made it very clear throughout his career in the entertainment industry that he has a very strong connection to his religious beliefs. This has been demonstrated on multiple occasions through his social networks, in which he has shared beautiful messages of faith for his millions of followers, like this one he shared at Easter 2019.

“I am very spiritual and respectful of all beliefs. I have a God with whom I have a direct connection, who loves me very much and who reminds me of him every day,”said the 48-year-old singer, who prefers not to refer to any particular religion.

The singer with Cuban roots is an enigma offstage, as he is one of the celebrities who keeps his personal life as far away from the public eye as possible. Although Pitbull has claimed not to belong to a religion, on multiple occasions he has made his great connection with God evident through his interviews and the messages he shares with his followers.

The beautiful singer has found in God an ally to face some of the most difficult battles of her life, such as the health crisis she suffered in recent years. "I don't consider myself religious … but I have my beliefs and a connection to God," the Mexican blood star recently shared in conversation with WSJ magazine.

The beloved presenter and star of the remembered series Saved by the Bell has always been outspoken about the importance of his Christian beliefs in his life. This has been demonstrated by Mario on more than one occasion with publications on his networks like this:

The life of the Mexican singer has been full of controversy, including her time in prison, a time about which she herself has revealed allowed her to reunite with God through the Bible. "They say that freedom tastes like glory. But she doesn't know Gloria Trevi, she knows the glory of God,”she assured through her social networks in an emotional live broadcast that she made last September, recalling one more anniversary of the day she regained her freedom in 2004.

The famous Spanish actor is also one of the celebrities who belongs to the Catholic religion. The Hollywood star has been seen on several occasions being a participant in the celebrations and traditions that take place during Easter in Spain.

In fact, he recently shared this video on his social networks with a poem written by him and with a religious message.

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