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Walmart Target And Home Depot: New Rules To Buy For Coronavirus

Walmart Target And Home Depot: New Rules To Buy For Coronavirus
Walmart Target And Home Depot: New Rules To Buy For Coronavirus

Video: Walmart Target And Home Depot: New Rules To Buy For Coronavirus

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Video: Big stores make changes to Black Friday due to COVID-19 pandemic 2023, January

Panic purchases sparked by the declaration of an emergency in different states and the quarantine imposed in many cities by the coronavirus are forcing many companies to create new rules so that their customers can visit their stores.

Costco announced a few days ago the new rules that came into effect in its warehouses from this April 3. Now Walmart, Target and Home Depot have teamed up with the company to announce the steps that will be taken to protect both customers and employees.

Starting this Saturday, April 4, those who visit Walmart must enter and exit through the doors indicated by each store. Buyers should make their purchases following the direction marked in each aisle with arrows attached to the floor. The aisles will now only have a single traffic direction to prevent people from wandering up and down the store.

Additionally, Walmart indicates that customers will enter groups and no more than five customers will be allowed in the store for every 1,000 square feet. Most Walmart Supercenters are about 100,000 square feet and the Nighborhood Markets are about 40,000 square feet. Warehouses have also reduced their hours of operation so they can clean and disinfect their stores.

Likewise, Home Depot announced that it will only allow customers to enter its store one customer at a time. Its stores will also reduce their hours of operation by closing at 6:00 pm local time.

The company also announced that it will donate all the N95 masks that are available to help hospitals, paramedics and health services, as confirmed by The Dallas Morning News. It is also announced that employees 65 years of age and older, and who are considered high risk to COVID-19 by the Center for Communicable Disease Control (CDC), will receive 160 extra hours of free time - in case sickness and 80 more hours, paid, of personal free time. Said time must be used during the 2020 calendar and if not used, they will be paid to said employees.

For its part, Target announced that it will also limit the number of people who enter its warehouses depending on their size and that it is "strongly recommending" that its employees wear masks and gloves.

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