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María Celeste Arrarás At Home For The Coronavirus

María Celeste Arrarás At Home For The Coronavirus
María Celeste Arrarás At Home For The Coronavirus

Video: María Celeste Arrarás At Home For The Coronavirus

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Video: COVID-19: Should we be scared of virus variants? | COVID-19 Special 2023, January


María Celeste Arrarás is in quarantine and will record the program Al Rojo Vivo with María Celeste (Telemundo) from her home. “I am [quarantined] as a precautionary measure, staying home because a friend of mine that I adore tested positive for Covid-19 and I was with her recently; I stayed at home as a precaution, but from here I am working with the same intensity or more,”Arrarás exclusively told People en Español. "I have 24 hours of work, I am glued to everything that is news and speaking on the phone with all the experts, I am consumed by this issue."

She is so informed that at the moment there will be no test. The reason? "I am not going to do anything because the contact I had with her was quite certain, but it is not known," he clarifies. "I don't have any symptoms at the moment, I have a thermometer that is going to run out of battery and every so often I take my [temperature]."

"It is hard for everyone. It is very easy for me to say that I am quarantined at home with my children and I have the resources to be in a crisis like this. But it is very difficult to say this to many people who write to me and who tell me that they want to be at home and feel safe, but they cannot because they have to bring food to their children. That takes my sleep away."

What also worries her is that many people are not taking the pandemic seriously. “Whoever is not in voluntary quarantine will take the surprise of his life. Those who think it is a cold, think better of it. My friend is having a hard time and many people I know are having a hard time,”said Arrarás, who at the same time is happy because she will be working again on her show with whoever was her cufflink for years, the also journalist Myrka Dellanos. “I am glad [that Myrka] will be during the special coverage of the coronavirus. I have had to be home [but] I am very happy that she is with us because we have always wanted to work together.”

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