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Bus Accident In Brooklyn, New York

Bus Accident In Brooklyn, New York
Bus Accident In Brooklyn, New York

Video: Bus Accident In Brooklyn, New York

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Video: FDNY: 16 people injured after MTA bus crashes into building 2023, January

A female passenger was killed by the bus she was riding in New York when she abruptly got off while she was still driving because she apparently had skipped her stop.

The tragic event occurred around 9:00 am this Thursday when the woman fell under the rear wheels of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) B41 bus.

According to witnesses told local media, the woman tried to get off at her stop in an area near Flatbush Avenue, but lost her. At that moment, she got angry and started kicking at the door to demand to be let out. The driver reportedly slowed down, the door opened, and she got out while the vehicle was in motion.

“It seems like it's not the fault of the city bus operator. It is another tragedy of people who are not careful and endanger themselves, "New York Deputy Police Chief Charles Scholl told the Daily News. "It is another tragic loss, but it is definitely something that could be avoided."

The victim, who was around 30 years old, died at the scene of the serious injuries to the head and body caused by the accident. Her identity has not yet been revealed and the case is still under investigation.

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