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What Is Pansexuality?

What Is Pansexuality?
What Is Pansexuality?

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Video: Elana Rubin Explains What "Pansexual" Means | InQueery | them. 2023, January

Since the American singer Miley Cyrus declared herself pansexual through her social networks, the term had been almost unknown, but there are already several artists who have confessed that they identify with this sexual orientation. But what is pansexuality?

According to the definition of the LGBT organization, a pansexual orientation describes a person who feels sexual and emotional attraction to other people, regardless of their gender. Which means that it can be attracted to men, women, people of fluid or non-binary gender.

After this definition was released, several artists who had declared their bisexuality have corrected their sexual orientation and are now defined as pansexual.

The popular actress Bella Thorne commented on the Good Morning America show that after learning the in-depth definition of pansexuality, she realized that the bisexual term she identified with was no longer the one for her.

VMAs, red carpet
VMAs, red carpet

Similarly, Miley assured that she identified with that sexual orientation after meeting a person who did not define herself as a man or a woman.

“I saw a human in particular who did not identify himself as either male or female. Looking at him he was both beautiful and sexy and strong and vulnerable and feminine but masculine. I identified with that person more than anyone in my life. And although it may seem different, people may not see me as neutral [gender person] as I feel. But I feel very neutral, "the singer confessed to Variety magazine.

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