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Ricky Martin Shares Photo Of His Daughter Lucia

Ricky Martin Shares Photo Of His Daughter Lucia
Ricky Martin Shares Photo Of His Daughter Lucia

Video: Ricky Martin Shares Photo Of His Daughter Lucia

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Video: 'Ricky Martin Shares First Photo of Daughter Lucia 2023, February

In Ricky Martin's life there is no woman more important than his little Lucia and the Puerto Rican singer has no qualms about accepting that his mind, heart and even his dreams belong to his daughter of almost one year.

Through his Instagram account, the interpreter showed off a beautiful photograph of the queen of his house. The image shows the little girl wrapped in a yellow towel with a lion hood, showing off her expressive blue eyes.

"The owner of my dreams," he wrote next to the image.

The 47-year-old superstar has admitted in the past that Lucia is a “sorceress” and that she has at her feet the five men of the house: her three brothers, Matteo, Valentino and Renn, and her parents, the singer and her husband Jwan Yosef.

"He manipulates us all and controls us," he admitted at a press conference last November.

Apparently the arrival a few months ago of little Renn has not taken the throne from Lucia. The interpreter manages to dedicate time to all her offspring. As Valentino and Matteo accompany him to his multiple work commitments and pose smiling on the red carpet, Lucia steals Daddy's arms at home, although the whole world is waiting to see the face of the newest member of the Martin-Yosef family.

Is it making its debut on the traditional Christmas card?

It would make a very good Christmas gift!

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