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Google 2019: What Was The Most Searched?

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Google 2019: What Was The Most Searched?
Google 2019: What Was The Most Searched?

Video: Google 2019: What Was The Most Searched?

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Video: Google — Year in Search 2019 2023, February

Google unveiled its list of trending searches during 2019 - not necessarily the most popular, but those that at some point increased considerably. The annual charts define the billions of searches in news, politics, film, entertainment, sports and more.

Latinos in the United States looked for recipes to make capirotada, shrimp cocktail, strawberries with cream, flan and meatballs. They were also interested in learning English quickly and knowing what polygamy is.

The singer Karol G caused doubts when releasing a single and the Latinos looked for what "tusa" was. At some point they wanted to know where Hurricane Dorian was and of course where José José was.


Among the highlights in the cinema were the movie “Roma”, with Yalitza Aparicio, and “Qué León”, with Ozuna, among the searches for movies that set trends for Latinos in the United States who prefer to do their searches in Spanish on Google.

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. See below the lists of searches in the United States in Spanish that set trends in Google in 2019 and other general lists.


1. La llorona

2. What lion

3. All fall

4. Single

4. Champions

5. Avengers: Endgame

6. Joker

7. Despite everything

8. Triple Frontier


1. Capirotada

2. Shrimp cocktail

3. Strawberries with cream

4. Flan

5. Meatballs

6. Pico de gallo

7. Beef broth

8. Rice pudding

9. Guacamole

10. Corn bread


1. What is polygamy

2. What is meningitis

3. What is life imprisonment

4. What is pansexual

5. What is area 51

6. What is pulmonary fibrosis

7. What is chlamydia

8. What is huachicol

9. What is failure de San Andrés

10. What is tusa


1. How to learn English fast

2. How to lower high blood pressure

3. How to unlock a phone

4. How to lower cholesterol

5. How is the dollar in Mexico today

6. How are the elections in El Salvador

7. How to stop snoring

8 How to remove hiccups

9. How to create an email

10. How to call private


1. Where do I vote

2. Where is my state refund

3. Where is Martinique

4. Where is the Gold Cup played

5. Where was Nayib Bukele born

6. Where was Simón Bolívar died

7. Where is José José

8. Where are the kidneys

9 Where is Sri Lanka

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