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Jacqie River Boasts Five-month Pregnancy

Jacqie River Boasts Five-month Pregnancy
Jacqie River Boasts Five-month Pregnancy

Video: Jacqie River Boasts Five-month Pregnancy

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Video: PREGNANCY VLOG - At Home Water Birth | Jacqie Rivera 2023, January

Jacqie Rivera is more than ready to celebrate the Christmas holidays, but this year the singer does not expect any gift, since she assures that her best present already has it.

The Diva de la Banda's daughter shared for the first time an image showing her nearly five-month-old growing belly.

“Christmas is beginning to be seen!”, He wrote next to the photo posted on his Instagram account in which he appears holding his belly. "And I have my gift inside."

Jacqie has kept her followers informed via video on YouTube about her surprising pregnancy. The mother of three offspring has openly and unreservedly explained her feelings about the arrival of her fourth child, who was conceived in the midst of a divorce process from her husband Mike Campos.

Obviously, the pregnancy reconciled the couple that they have been given a new opportunity to continue being a family.

Jacqie's pregnancy took the Rivera family by surprise, unaware that she was seeking reconciliation with the father of her children. However, congratulations and good wishes have poured into the future mother who confessed to having been "scared and nervous" about the upcoming arrival of her surprise baby.

"Another baby was not really part of my plans, but I am trying to accept that change," he confessed in his vlog in September.

Jacqie revealed that she became pregnant despite using the DUI contraceptive method and that during the first months she suffered from nausea and cravings.

Now everything is better and you can no longer wait to meet your new little angel. Congratulations Jacqie!

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