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Larry Hernández's Wife Is Pregnant

Larry Hernández's Wife Is Pregnant
Larry Hernández's Wife Is Pregnant

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Larry Hernández is more than excited fulfilling one of his greatest wishes actually. The singer announced that he and his wife, businesswoman Kenia Ontiveros, are sweetly waiting for their third child.

During the last days, the interpreter of regional Mexican music, had kept his followers on social networks in suspense, announcing that he would soon share an important news with them. Without giving further details, he began the count by prompting his fans to guess on the subject of the news.

This Thursday, celebrating Thanksgiving Day, Hernández finally shared the news with a photograph with his wife showing an ultrasound.

"We could not be more grateful and thank God I will be a dad again," wrote the singer on his Instagram account.

Although Ontiveros had stated on several occasions that she did not want to be a mother again, she relented and agreed to make the singer's dream come true.

This will be the fifth sapling for Hernandez, who shares with two small Ontiveros, Daleyza and Dalary, and Larry Jr. and Sebastian from a previous relationship.

After almost a decade of relationship, the singer finally contracted nuptials with Ontiveros in September 2018, in a secret wedding that was filmed for his reality show Larrymania [Telemundo].

The singer wants his next son to be a boy, although in 2016 he confessed that "knowing me to see if I don't get another girl."

Congratulations Larry and Kenya!

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