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$ 75 Costco Coupon

$ 75 Costco Coupon
$ 75 Costco Coupon

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For a couple of months now, a coupon has been circulating on Facebook offering a juicy rar discount in Costco volume purchase stores. Thousands of people have shared the discount inviting friends to take advantage of the offer. But now Costco spokesmen have sounded the alarm to alert their members and customers to the alleged coupon, which they have said is nothing more than a "scam."

The coupon appears with a caption that reads: “Costco has announced that everyone who shares this link will receive an art coupon, but must first disclose their information on a website not affiliated with Costco.

According to CNN Business, the coupon appeared on networks at the beginning of the year, but as parties approach where the volume of consumption increases for Black Friday and Christmas, Costco took note and has now caught the attention of its customers.

“Despite the multiple posts out there, Costco IS NOT giving coupons to the coupon, so the friends they share it with are selling it to spammers. They can also install extremely dangerous software on the computers of those who download the coupon by answering a series of questions online. In extreme cases, there are those who downloaded a software "installer" that destroys information on the computer.

In fact this is not the first time this type of scam has occurred. In November 2018, that is, just a year ago, Costco and the Identity Theft Resource Center alerted to a similar coupon, warning that those who received said coupon would immediately delete it without opening or clicking it.

Hard-core Costco customers know that the company never issues discount coupons outside of the ones it sends via printed catalog to its members by mail. The company also publishes seasonal offers on its website, which can be used by its individual and corporate partners. So be careful!

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