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Angelfish Movie Trailer And Exclusive Clip

Angelfish Movie Trailer And Exclusive Clip
Angelfish Movie Trailer And Exclusive Clip

Video: Angelfish Movie Trailer And Exclusive Clip

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Video: Angelfish - Official Trailer - Princess Nokia, Jimi Stanton 2023, February

You know Princess Nokia for hits like “GOAT” and “Tomboy,” but get ready to make her your new favorite actress, too. The rapper stars in the new movie Angelfish, which follows the story of a young Bronx woman named Eva (Nokia) whose relationship with Brendan (Jimi Stanton) threatens to shake up her future plans. Their easy summer fling gets a lot more complicated thanks to the intervention of their families, hers worried that she'll skip out on college and his accusing her of using him. The movie will have its world premiere Thursday night at the United Palace Theater in New York City.

People CHICA has an exclusive clip (above), in which Eva argues with her family after they find out she hasn't filled out a form necessary for her fall admission to college. "I loved sharing this experience with [director] Peter Lee and the incredible team of women who made this film possible," Nokia said in a statement last month. “I'm really grateful to have someone believe in me so much, and believe in this talent - not just my name or the idea of ​​me. He respected me, he respected New York and the importance of bringing these Latino characters alive respectively and accurately. Which has truly meant the world to me.”

Watch the full trailer below. Angelfish will be available on iTunes and on demand November 19.

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