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Child Prodigy Talks About The Death Of Walter Mercado

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Child Prodigy Talks About The Death Of Walter Mercado
Child Prodigy Talks About The Death Of Walter Mercado

Video: Child Prodigy Talks About The Death Of Walter Mercado

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The death of Walter Mercado has touched many, but especially it has reached “the heart” of Víctor Florencio, better known as “El Niño Prodigio”.

The astrologer, author and seer has become a leading figure in his field following the steps that Walter started a decade ago and in an interview with People en Español he said that he thinks the Puerto Rican astrologer knew when he was going to die.

"It is very sad when they gave me the news, it touched my heart a lot," he says in a video interview. "May God have him in his holy glory. That soul, that being, always. For me he already knew when he was going to die. Because look at the day he dies: The Day of the Dead. A thing like mysticism, a thing like that so that the Day of the Dead we remember him always alive”.

By the way, the Child Prodigy cleared all doubts if there would be rivalries between them or if the comparisons with Mercado bothered him.

"Walter Mercado is someone who has no comparison, I have never compared myself with him or anything like that because everyone has his style, has his form", he says. “Even in my book, The Magic of Lerego, I devoted almost an entire chapter to him talking about him the way he inspired me. He has always been my inspiration, and I would like to improve every day, perhaps to get a little closer to what he was.”

About four months ago, El Niño Prodigio had the opportunity to meet Walter in person, something he shared on video:

"I am very grateful to him because he gave me the opportunity to be in his magazine," continues the seer about his long professional relationship with Walter. “For more than 10 years I was the back cover of your magazine. We were talking on the phone. He once wrote me a letter thanking me for participating in his magazine.”

About his meeting this summer he says: “I always said 'I want to know him, I want to have him there' and you know what? Four months ago I had that happiness and I was able to say to him: 'Thank you Walter Mercado for opening the door, not only to me, but to all the astrologers in the world because you were the one who came out there, with that force."

The author of Lerego assures that Walter has now moved to a different plane and that far from saddening we must remember him for his work. "Remembering for his legacy, of a lot of love, of a lot of positivism, that he has been a charming person and remembering him that way with a lot, a lot of love."

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