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Mark Tacher And Majida Issa In Telemundo Series

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Mark Tacher And Majida Issa In Telemundo Series
Mark Tacher And Majida Issa In Telemundo Series

Video: Mark Tacher And Majida Issa In Telemundo Series

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Video: Mark Tacher y Majida Issa se ven muy cariñosos en grabaciones de Operación Pacífico | Telemundo 2023, January


Why is Mark Tacher lately seen so attached to Majida Issa ? The Mexican told us exclusively.

What relationship do you have with Majida Issa, who are so close together?

We are working together on a series that is being filmed in Bogotá, Mexico and the United States. It's called Operation Pacific. It is a series that tells the story of a Colombian prosecutor.


Is it a real event?

Yes. It is based on certain accomplishments that she made. Telemundo is showing another side of the coin, which is the face of the police. We will see the story of three policemen, one Mexican, one Colombian and one American, who come together to catch a drug trafficker that everyone believes does not exist.

Will you be one of those cops?

I am Colonel Gabriel Pedraza of the Federal Police. He hates injustice and is one of those people who go beyond the limits of justice to achieve their goals. To get to this dark world, you often have to be a criminal to be able to infiltrate. He is a policeman who is beyond the law.


Do you look like your character?

This part of injustice, Mark also hates. It seems to me that justice must be done to these men of the law who sacrifice their lives. No one knows how many police there are for each citizen. We have to show this life of these human beings who try to make us have a better life, it leaves me a joy to see that there are human beings who make our life good.

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