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Eli Tulián Model Apologizes To Nacho's Wife

Eli Tulián Model Apologizes To Nacho's Wife
Eli Tulián Model Apologizes To Nacho's Wife

Video: Eli Tulián Model Apologizes To Nacho's Wife

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A few days ago we received the sad news of the separation of the singer Nacho and his wife Inger Mendoza. Both announced it on social networks with two of the most emotional and respectful publications. The reasons remained for them for all the love and, above all, the three children in common that will keep them together for life.

Inger Devera wife of nacho and children
Inger Devera wife of nacho and children

Although they left the issue settled there, the networks did not take long to point out Eli Tulián as one of the possible causes of this rupture. This is the Argentine model who starred in the exotic and sensual video "My life" of the Venezuelan singer, in which the most credible romantic scenes and kisses raised all the suspicions of his followers.

The insults and disrespect for the young woman were immediate and from Spain the mannequin has wanted to put a stop to the accusations of robber husbands and other ugly names that she is receiving. He has done it in this exclusive interview with the program Al Rojo Vivo by María Celeste Arrarás where, in addition to cleaning his honor, he has also wanted to apologize to the ex-wife of Nacho.

"I do not take it personally nor do I feel identified with any of those ugly words that they tell me because I have a very clear conscience and people are judging without knowing what really happened and the reality is that I have not seen Nacho again since we finished recording the videos. There is no such sentimental relationship”, the model has made clear.

That said, Eli wanted to send this emotional message to Inger where he is sincere and asks for forgiveness. “I was also fortunate to be raised in a family united with those values ​​and I understand that you may be feeling sad as she published in a video. I want to apologize if at any time this whole project with Nacho caused him pain that I have not known, "she said sincerely.

With these words he leaves the matter settled and hopes to be able to continue without receiving any more insults or false accusations with which he has felt harassed and humiliated.

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