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Demián Bichir Wife Message

Demián Bichir Wife Message
Demián Bichir Wife Message

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Video: Demián Bichir Announces Death of Wife Stefanie Sherk | E! News 2023, February

“I miss you deeply”, with these words Demián Bichir closes the heartbreaking message that he has just published on his networks and that is dedicated to his wife Stefanie Sherk, six months after she committed suicide.

The beautiful Canadian actress died suddenly on April 20 at age 37, announced at the time the Oscar-nominated Mexican actor. Her body was found at the bottom of the family pool in Los Angeles, California, as confirmed by US magazine at the time.

"Although I have cried more tears than any rain and have known the sound of pain, your comforting angelic smile turns my anguished nights into joyous days," said the 56-year-old actor. "It is your name that rescues me from my darkest hours."

"Your name of love and real grace. Your name that I can always say to pray out loud until only happiness reigns again, "Bichir continued in her post, which was published early this Tuesday. “Until I see that blinding ray coming straight out of your soul, forever pure, forever loved, forever living in such a quiet place, so bright where you and I will never be apart again. I MISS YOU DEEPLY, STEFANIE SHERK.”

Like her husband, the Canadian was also a professional in the world of entertainment and acting. They were a couple since 2011 and had no children.

"It is our most sincere hope that our beloved Stefanie, my angel and love of my life, rest eternally in peace," said the actor at the time of his death.

On April 25, a Los Angeles County medical examiner ruled that Sherk's death was due to suicide. The death was due to anoxic encephalopathy - which occurs when the brain runs out of oxygen - from suffocation and drowning.

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