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Kate Del Castillo Singer?

Kate Del Castillo Singer?
Kate Del Castillo Singer?

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Although her thing is to act, Kate del Castillo does not deny that after a few tequilitas she takes the microphone and joins the mariachi to support the songs they are singing from their lands. But if you were not an actress, would you launch yourself as a singer?

The prominent Hollywood star, who has his own tequila, Honor, responds with a resounding no. However, she is fascinated by attending music awards to share with her favorite artists.

"They are super fun for me because as I am not from the music world, I am very flattered that they invite me," said the Mexican to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL during this week's Latin American Music Awards. "If I sang, I would definitely sing mariachi."

Kate del Castillo
Kate del Castillo

But nothing, shoemaker to his shoes and the actress prefers to continue her passion to interpret different characters on screen, now with her production company where she will head several projects.

"I am happy, we are so happy because it is an opportunity to start making another type of television, another type of series, of movies, everything we can do and that is not just Latino, but to remove all the stereotypes," she said.

Something that the actress wants to highlight through her company is female intelligence and ability.

"Obviously I want to have more women with main characters, with characters who are intelligent, who are not just powerful and independent, but who are really intelligent, because then they put us either some fools or other manipulators or if not some goats … then no. We are smart and we are powerful; not all of us are manipulative, nor are we all tough … ", he pointed out.

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