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Costco No Credential Needed

Costco No Credential Needed
Costco No Credential Needed

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Video: Don't Buy A Costco Membership Until You Watch This 2023, January

For many years Costco's volume-based warehouses have asked their customers for an annual subscription that allows them to enter their stores and buy their products online.

And everyone who goes to Costco knows that there are two things to do at each visit: show the member card at the entrance and show the purchase ticket at the exit.

But did you know that you no longer need plastic cards to be able to enter Costco? That's right, for a while the company implemented an app that allows you to enter the warehouse showing your identification with your phone.

Sure, that doesn't mean you don't have to remain a member to get into their stores, but it makes things easier, especially for those who sometimes forget the card at home or don't want to carry it in their wallet all the time.

Costco Credential
Costco Credential

Costco introduced its digital membership last July and is currently only available at department stores in the United States and Canada, as well as Costco gas stations in both countries, FOX-News reveals on its business portal.

Despite the fact that many department stores have fought against online commerce from sites such as Amazon or Walmart, Costco is still extremely popular with its loyal customers. According to company spokespersons, from 2015 to date its sales have increased by nine percent annually year over year. How are you!

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