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Serum With Bakuchiol

Serum With Bakuchiol
Serum With Bakuchiol

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In terms of beauty, each certain type of product or ingredient becomes very fashionable and suddenly we don't want to live without it. That was the case of products without which you can no longer imagine your beauty routine, such as micellar water, dry shampoo or beauty blender, or ingredients such as vitamin C or hyaluronic acid, right?

For a few years you will have noticed that experts and dermatologists highly recommend the use of products with an ingredient called retinol for "This ingredient makes a kind of peeling that allows old skin to come out and new skin, with more collagen, get to the surface while maintaining the youthful and firm appearance of the skin”, explains our expert in skin aging, Dr. Daniel Campos.

Well, after the retinol shift, Bakuchiol is now spoken of as a natural alternative to the popular compound. The plant cousin of retinol is a derivative of the babchi plant, typical of areas like India and Sri Lanka, and its use is recommended because it helps your body stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin, helps with blemishes and improves cell renewal.

In addition, its use is recommended especially for those to whom retinol causes irritation, since bakuchiol is less aggressive.

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