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Cyber ​​bullying - How To Talk To Your Kids

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Cyber ​​bullying - How To Talk To Your Kids
Cyber ​​bullying - How To Talk To Your Kids

Video: Cyber ​​bullying - How To Talk To Your Kids

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Video: How to talk to your kids about cyber bullying 2023, February

The lessons that parents and educators give children from a young age follow them for the rest of their lives and a subject that is being fought to teach the smallest of the house is how to be safe on the Internet and how to overcome virtual bullying, or cyberbullying.

So Google has taken it upon itself to educate teachers and parents on how they can ensure that children are not bullied, but that they are not bullies either.

"We cannot pretend that children know how to act and the magnitude of the Internet and social networks if we do not explain it to them," says Marines Duarte, the only Hispanic mother on the YouTube Parent Board and one of the six members. of the Google Family Partner Program.

Duarte, who is a mother of four and creator of TekkieFam, a new initiative to help other parents guide their children to navigate the digital world in a safer and more positive way, shared details of the Google Be Great program on the Internet or Be Internet Awesome you have partnered with.

The Be Great Online campaign has several educational programs like Interland and tools for the home available online as a curriculum for educators that is based on five pillars: Be smart, alert, safe, kind and brave.


“It is about having very open communication with our children. They must feel that they have the doors of communication very open and that we are not going to scold them, even if it seems an atrocity to us”, emphasizes Duarte. “Being brave is teaching them that they can talk and ask for help when they see negative behavior or don't know what to do; ideally talk to parents or an adult and always be kind, tell our children that behind the screen there is a heart."

About Interland:

Interland is an online adventure game to learn about security and digital citizenship, as interactive and fun as surfing the Internet. Children will be able to put into practice the skills necessary to be good digital citizens and help other Internet users to combat the bad behavior of hackers, identity theft, users who share too much and harassment.

Interland received the Seal of Alignment distinction from the International Society for Technology in Education.

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