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El Chapo University
El Chapo University

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Video: Rare Footage of The Last Capture of "El Chapo" (Subtitled) 2023, January

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán will spend the rest of his days behind bars in a sophisticated maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado that has been classified as “worse than death”.

However, the influence of the capo, and above all, his millions, who remain in limbo on both sides of the border, continue to exercise enormous power. Proof of this is the alleged indigenous university that his family will create in his native Sinaloa.

"The family of Chapo Guzmán and Chapo Guzmán have decided to build the first indigenous university in Mexico in Badiraguato," said José Luis González Meza, who identifies himself as a lawyer for Guzmán Loera, at a press conference.

"What we are waiting for is that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his first trip to Sinaloa will lay the first stone together with mother María Consuelo Loera Pérez, " the lawyer continued. "Finally the work to build this University begins."

The money to pay for the projects would come out of the enormous fortune at stake after the boss's trial. Last May González Meza assured that his client wanted to seize his fortune in the United States and that it amounts to about 14,000 million dollars.

This would be one of several projects that the capo family is supposed to carry out on their land. Another of them is a supermarket chain that would sell its merchandise at a 50% discount compared to its competitors to help the people. As explained, the family would seek government help to subsidize these projects.

With this, the capo family would become a kind of "Robin Hood" from Sinaloa, who would help those most in need.

However, the news of González Meza will have to be taken with a grain of salt. The aforementioned lawyer - who has written at least three books on power in Mexico - has been presented as El Chapo's lawyer since July 2016 when he filed an amparo to prevent the extradition of the Mexican kingpin to the United States.

However, at that time El Chapo ignored him, assuring the Ciro Gómez Leva program (Image Television) that González Meza lacked his “representation as his defender”. What will it be?

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