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Miguelandro Gay Couple Cradle Of Wolves

Miguelandro Gay Couple Cradle Of Wolves
Miguelandro Gay Couple Cradle Of Wolves

Video: Miguelandro Gay Couple Cradle Of Wolves

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Video: Los mejores momentos de #Miguelandro - Parte 2 | Cuna de Lobos 2023, February

Gay couples are all the rage in Televisa fictions. If a few months ago it was the 'Aristemo', made up of Aristotle (Emilio Osorio) and Temo (Joaquín Bondoni) from the successful soap opera My Husband Has More Family, those that swept the younger public, at this time the homosexual relationship is another that succeeds in Mexico.

This is 'Miguelandro', the gay couple that make up the Mexican actors José Pablo Minor and Diego Amozurrutia in the new version of Cuna de lobos.

Alejandro Larios (Amozurrutia), the bisexual son of Catalina Creel (Paz Vega) who must keep up appearances and obey his mother's wishes, and Miguel (Minor), a brilliant architect who has no means of being recognized as a man he loves to another man, they are the protagonists of this intense homosexual love story that has captivated the Mexican public.

Unlike 'Aristemo', 'Miguelandro' is an adult couple so the conflicts that the characters have to face are much stronger and as a consequence their scenes are also.

Social networks are witnesses of the furor that this homosexual plot generates in the public.

The long-awaited kiss scene between Alejandro and Miguel, which the producer of the series shared on Twitter days ago as a gift for the fans' who are passionately following this love story, managed to surpass in just a few hours the 100,000 views, a figure Not insignificant if we take into account that the producer only has 24 thousand followers in the aforementioned social network.

"For them I see Cuna de lobos", "I am excited when I see them in the soap opera" or "what a perfect couple!" they are just a small sample of the hundreds and hundreds of messages that flood the social networks every time the couple makes an appearance in the successful series of Televisa.

Cuna de lobos, which airs in Mexico at 9:30 pm on Las Estrellas, will land in the United States on Univision on Monday, October 21 in primetime.

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