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What Is A Vsco Girl

What Is A Vsco Girl
What Is A Vsco Girl

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Video: What is a VSCO Girl? 2023, February

First of all, what does VSCO mean? It was pronounced "visco" and is the name of a mobile photo editing application, famous for its filters that look like retro air movies, and it is in this application where the girls edit and post their photos and videos with a very specific aesthetic that you've probably already seen it in your Instagram feed or if you have a teenage daughter.

According to Instagram and the magazine specialized in trends The Cut, the essential accessories of these girls are the hair bands or scrunchies that became super popular in the early 90's and have returned with force for a couple of seasons, the hippie aesthetic sandals Birckenstock, a refillable water bottle (very important!), Brandy Mellville brand tops, oversized shirts from Nike and sports brands, colorful wristbands, Swedish backpacks and Mario Badescu facial sprays.

Why Mario Badescu? The American brand has 52 years of history, a simple, clean and natural image, why has it become fashionable now among the youngest? According to another report from the beauty blog Into the Gloss, the reason is that VSCO girls are looking for the most natural look possible, that no-makeup effect and that moist and natural shine of healthy skin that you can get with products like the popular facial spray. of rose water of this brand.

skin, care, VSCO Girls
skin, care, VSCO Girls

You can get it at sephora.com for $ 12.

Proof of the phenomenon is that, according to Into the Gloss, this product has become the third best-selling product in the online cosmetic store Alta and is now the most popular beauty product on Amazon.

In addition to clean aesthetics, another key to understanding VSCO girls is that they care about the planet. Hence the bottles fill them, the multitude of photos that they publish on the networks enjoying nature and seeking to associate with brands that follow sustainable practices and care about the environment and animals.

Do you know any VSCO girl?

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