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Mario Escobar Remember Me

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Mario Escobar Remember Me
Mario Escobar Remember Me

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Welcome to Book Corner the People en Español reading club!

In our first installment we recommend Remember Me (Spanish HarperCollins), an exciting and moving novel written by prolific Spanish author Mario Escobar. The book tells the adventures of three brothers separated from their parents by the Spanish Civil War and who are sent on a ship to Mexico by their parents.


Remember Me story, based on real events, begins in Spain in 1937 mired in civil war. Three brothers - Marco, Isabel and Ana - are embarked by their parents on a ship bound for Mexico. "The civil war took place just eighty years ago," the historian, who lives with his wife and two children in Madrid, tells People en Español. "There was great suffering from those who sometimes have the least voice, which are children."

Escobar says that after the novel was finished, he was racking his brains to find the right title. Until on a beach vacation he asked his wife what a mother would say to her son if she knew she would never see him again. "Remember me," he replied, and there the 48-year-old author found what he was looking for.


This fast-paced and moving novel portrays the deep pain that separation causes in parents and children, as well as the fears and uncertainties of children leaving for an unknown destination, where they will also have new experiences such as love and love. they will adapt to a new country. "[The novel is] also a tribute to so many refugees who had to be raised in Mexico," says the author.


Escobar points out that today "we are living a moment very similar" to that of the book. "We see Syrian refugees in Europe, Venezuelans escaping a terrible reality," says the writer, who has been translated into 19 languages ​​and who, before winning literature, worked as a bricklayer, with leprosy patients and doing surveys.

So it is against some very booming measures. "We put up walls. We feel fear, fear of people who come from outside, "he highlights. "Closing the doors to defenseless children, to people who are fleeing sometimes from conflict, sometimes from poverty, is still an inhuman act."

Remember Me is Mario Escobar's 50th novel and is for sale at Barnes & Noble by signup / EspanolBookClubNov2019

Remember Me Book / Mario Escobar
Remember Me Book / Mario Escobar

The book is published just on the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the Children of Morelia in Mexico:

More about the author:

Passionate about history and its enigmas Mario Escobar has studied in depth the History of the Church, the different sectarian groups that have fought within it, the discovery and colonization of America; specializing in the lives of heterodox Spanish and American characters.

His first play, Conspiracy Maine 2006, was a success. They were followed by El mesías Ario (2007), The secret of the Assassini (2008) and the Prophecy of Aztlán (2009). All of them are part of the saga starring Hercules Guzmán Fox, George Lincoln and Alicia Mantorella.

His book Francisco. The first Latin American pope (2013) has been translated into 12 languages, including English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Danish, etc.

Red Sun over Hiroshima (2009) and The Country of Tears (2010) are his most intimate works. He has also published essays such as Martin Luther King (2006) and History of Freemasonry in the United States (2009). The twelve legacies of Steve Jobs (2012). The Ione Saga (2013) or the Apocalypse Series (2012). Saga Misión Verne (2013) The most successful book in Spain is El Círculo.

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