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Walter Mercado The Horoscope Of The Week

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Walter Mercado The Horoscope Of The Week
Walter Mercado The Horoscope Of The Week

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This Tuesday, October 8, the planet Venus enters the Scorpio sign. Enabling moment for deeper relationships. Fleeting romances and minor adventures will take a backseat. The position of Venus, planet that governs love and sensuality, ignites passions and sexual energy. However, in this time, rather than letting ourselves be driven by impulses, we will seek relationships with meaning and solidity that can withstand the passage of time.

Check out what the stars have in store for the week of October 8-14 with the weekly horoscope summary by Walter Mercado !


March 20 - April 19

Venus is located in your eighth house. Every couple relationship will be more intense, romantic and sensual. Just as you will attract love, so you will also attract the money that will come to you through your partner, be it business or sentimental. The full moon on Sunday the 15th, alter your passions and sexuality. You will go after love, reconciliation, awakening again the flame of desire with your partner. The energy of the moon makes you nostalgic, sensitive, alters your mood.


April 20 - May 20

Venus pours her positive energy on the leaders of love. Every union or marriage is highly favored. The full moon in the aries fire makes you even more sensitive to everything and very emotional. Your sensuality and personal magnetism attracts like a magnet, you will be the one who conquers and not the conquered one.


May 21 - June 20

Venus, in your health home, leads you to quickly recover from any ailment that is affecting you. Still, stay on top of everything that benefits you in health. The full moon will keep you isolated from your group of friends on Sunday. In your mind there are negative thoughts that make you think badly of those who love you the most.


June 21 - July 21

Venus moves towards your fifth house of the zodiac, endowing you with charm and charisma to conquer even the most difficult of hearts. The Moon in the fire element ignites your desire to compete and be the best in your job or profession.


July 22 - August 22

Venus is moving towards your fourth house of the zodiac, that of home. Energy and feeling are mixed so you can enjoy your family like never before. The Moon is full of a lot of positive energy for you. Ideal moment to fill yourself with good vibes. Visit the beach, river or any body of water.


August 23 - September 22

You will have the gift of captivating others with your word now that Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is moving to your home that governs communication. The full moon on Sunday the 16th, is ideal to do a magic or ritual for everyone, especially for you Virgo.


September 23 - October 22

Venus enters your zodiac house that governs money. You will now receive offers or new opportunities to progress financially. The full moon in your mansion of love, unions and associations. Patience and a lot of love with your partner or person of interest.


October 23 - November 21

The doors of love open for you now that Venus, the planet of love and friendship, enters your first home. The moon highlights your passions, the drive to the forbidden and secret. Any delicate matter should be discussed by next weekend.


November 22 - December 20

Venus, in your house of spirituality, will endow you with compassion and love for others. You will go after what you want from the heart and there will be no barriers that you cannot overcome. Love demands great loyalty and commitment from you. Take care of your health, especially your skin and bones.


December 21 - January 19

Venus comes to the rescue by creating favorable circumstances in your workplace. Flow with the current and do not comment on what you do not know well. Avoid trouble. The full moon alters the environment in your family nucleus, especially with the mother figure. It is necessary to remain calm and that you are the one who controls all problems or clarifies misunderstandings.


January 20 - February 17

Venus favoring for you everything that has to do with companies, business or professional life. You will be in a position to work in harmony with others. Bosses or superiors will support you in your decisions.


February 18 - March 19

Venus opens the ways of love for you. Excellent period to find a partner and enjoy everything that is beauty and nature. The Moon inclines you to please your tastes. In love be thoughtful.

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