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Laura Flores, From Actress To Dog Groomer
Laura Flores, From Actress To Dog Groomer

Video: Laura Flores, From Actress To Dog Groomer

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Video: Desde Jojo’s grooming 2023, February

The loss of exclusivity contracts has led many actors in recent years to have to leave their comfort zone and start businesses outside the artistic field that allows them to receive economic income when they are not recording a soap opera, something that did not happen in the Past whether or not they were participating in a melodrama they received a fixed monthly salary.

This is the case of the first Mexican actress Laura Flores, who after a lifetime as an exclusive artist, first of Televisa and then of Telemundo, decided to open her own dog grooming business that she is in charge of personally attending in Miami.

How did the idea come about?

The idea arises from the loss of Jojos, my golden retriever. When he left I cried a lot and was very sad and suddenly, after about 5 months, the idea came to me. I wanted to do things well so I entered a dog grooming school that has been in Hollywood Florida for 40 years, Merryfield Grooming School, and there I studied and prepared and I continue preparing because I want to be a good hairdresser. I had to start from scratch because I didn't even know how to take the scissors.

The reason for putting my spa as a groomer is to say 'I have to start a business, I have to do something by myself'. But obviously I wanted to do something that was born of my soul

You personally take care of the business, right?

I'm the one who takes the scissors and cuts their hair. That is the beginning of my business, my dog ​​grooming called Laura Flores & Jojos Grooming. I am the one who does the work. I love doing it. Now, when my professional commitments call me, the hairdresser does not stop. Thank God I have great colleagues who I call and do the work.


I imagine that there will be clients who will be surprised to see you …

Those who recognize me say 'do you do it?' Suddenly they think I'm sitting in the office doing as little as possible or doing the accounting. And not. I do it I wanted to learn hairdressing because I wanted to and now that I have the business it is also a very good thing because I know who to call. I would not call anyone who says groomer. Certification is very important and unfortunately it is not a profession that is legalized so anyone can be. And for me quality standards are very important because you are dealing with a life. Although it is an animal it is a living being and you have to respect it.

Most actors are losing their exclusivity contract, how difficult has it been for you to adapt to this new reality?

It is a very good question that perhaps some of my colleagues did not want to answer [but] I have no problem. Indeed I am one of the actresses who always had exclusivity. I worked for many years for Televisa and then for several years for Telemundo as an exclusive. Let's say that somehow I jumped from one company to another with exclusivity; However, those times are over for many of us, so it has not been easy. I have to confess it to you. Although I have all the freedom in the world it has not been easy because when you get used to one check per month you get used to one check per month. But hey, you just step out of your comfort zone, you get the batteries and you get to be more creative. Somehow I have to accept that the motive for putting my spa as a groomer is to say 'well I have to start a business,I have to do something for myself. ' But obviously I wanted to do something that was born of my soul, not just for the sake of it. This issue of exclusivities and company policies led me to be more decisive in my way of life.

In the acting field you are about to start a new soap opera Soltero with daughters…

I am happy and grateful to Juan Osorio. He invited me to participate. During the summer we were recording the series Together the Heart is never wrong, it was a very short series that was very successful thanks to God. And now we start to record Single with daughters. I am very grateful to Juan Osorio because she is one of the few producers who nowadays hire their actors without casting, that unfortunately is disappearing. And I feel very happy.

What can you tell us about your character?

He is a wonderful character, divine you will see. I do not want to tell much because I believe more in the project as such and that people see it next October 28, which opens in Mexico.

How will you organize with your children living in the United States?

Obviously I have to hire people to be aware of my children. Thank God I know who the right person is to be with my children because you cannot hire anything else from someone else because, yes, it has to be your complete trust and that it is 24/7 with my children and thank God I have it. She is a great friend of mine from San Antonio Texas who is going to come here to Miami to literally live this season in my house and take care of my children.

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