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Susana González Reappears With A New Look

Susana González Reappears With A New Look
Susana González Reappears With A New Look

Video: Susana González Reappears With A New Look

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Video: Susana Gonzalez En Amores Verdaderos 132 2023, February

She has always been very private and careful with her personal life but this time she went a little further than expected. We already missed the smile of Susana González with whom she always delights us in her appearances and that we have finally been able to enjoy again.

It has been with an emotional and affectionate publication on his Instagram profile that he has not shared anything since last April. From this virtual corner we have been able to know that she is well, happy and active, something that has deeply pleased her followers who have not stopped repeating to her how much they have missed her this disconnected time.

Susana showed a beautiful image with the first actress, Ofelia Medina, who went to see the theater to delight in her work, Everyone who's Frida.

"Huge Ofelia Medina. Excited to see you!”, She happily wrote at the bottom of the photo just a few days ago. In addition to her smile, her renewed image attracts attention. His dark hair was left behind to give way to a light blond almost brown that looks great on him.

Her last television job has been My husband has a family, a successful series on Televisa where she shares credits with Zuria Vega, Diana Bracho, Arath de la Torrre and even Carmen Salinas, among many others. At 46 years old, she combines her work with the homework of her two sons Susana and Santiago.

We hope this is the first of many more images of Susana whom we have missed and are looking forward to seeing again in future television projects.

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