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Irina Baeva Will Work With Gabriel Soto In Soap Opera

Irina Baeva Will Work With Gabriel Soto In Soap Opera
Irina Baeva Will Work With Gabriel Soto In Soap Opera

Video: Irina Baeva Will Work With Gabriel Soto In Soap Opera

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Irina Baeva does not lack work. The Russian-born actress finished the recordings of The Dragon, which has just been released by Univision, just a few months ago and is ready to start giving life to Masha, the antagonistic character who will play in the new Televisa soap opera Soltero with daughters.

"I am very excited about this project, the truth," the 26-year-old interpreter exclusively tells People en Español. “She is quite a mysterious character. The only thing I can tell you is that she is a Russian girl whose name is Masha and she arrives in Mexico”, she advances.

Baeva, who has two million followers on Instagram, is sure that the public will love this new character who will be able to inject 'a little' of her roots.

"What is incredible is that Masha is Russian and there I am going to be able to inject her a little bit of everything that I really am, from my roots, where I come from", Irina details.

"Masha is going to speak Russian, so I am sure that people will also get a lot of attention and there are many more things that I still cannot anticipate," she adds excitedly.

But, without a doubt, what excites Irina the most about being part of this story is to return to work with Gabriel, with whom she starred in the 2016 soap opera Vino el amor.

"I have already worked with him, I know he is a great actor, a great companion above all and in this case he has the responsibility of being the head of the team so first of all I am supporting him in this soap opera right now that the recordings have already started", recognize.

The actress, who has never worked with a couple on the same project, is very excited to be able to share credits with Soto as she is sure it will be a great experience.

"Working with your partner is always a father, well it has never touched me, but at least we are going to be with the same times, we are going to start it at the same time and we are going to finish it at the same time and for us as actors that is something very beautiful Because when I finished The Dragon, he started with the tour of the two plays he was in and I wanted to go on vacation and visit my family and he couldn't go because the times could no longer be balanced, "he explains.

"It is also recorded in Acapulco and we love going to Acapulco," he adds.

"It has to be an interesting experience because it has to have a lot of realism (laughs), or at least the trust we already have, to see how people like it," he concludes.

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