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Why Does Lucero No Longer Make Soap Operas?

Why Does Lucero No Longer Make Soap Operas?
Why Does Lucero No Longer Make Soap Operas?

Video: Why Does Lucero No Longer Make Soap Operas?

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Away from Mexican soap operas since she headed the successful romantic comedy Por ella soy Eva in 2012, Lucero does not rule out the possibility of starring in one of the new fictions that Televisa enlists under the concept of Factory of Dreams, an anthology of serial dramas made in the format of 25 chapters that revive and update the most successful soap operas of the last decade.

"I had some talks about some of these stories that they are doing again, like these new versions, but at the moment there is [nothing concrete]," acknowledged the charismatic and successful Mexican star in a recent meeting with the press in Mexico.

“But I am always ready, I am always open to receive suggestions, to receive invitations and I would love to do one of those projects, but for the moment I continue with the music, the album is going to come out now and so I am not making a novel at this time”, he detailed.

There is something; However, that does not finish convincing the also singer of this new format that Televisa is carrying out and that is the sex scenes.

“That is what does not convince me much about the new format that is sometimes carried out especially in television series. I, as an actress, would love to be able to do something on television that does not necessarily have to have scenes of nudity or horrible things that then seriously have a large audience that cannot see it, "she said.

The unforgettable heroine of successful stories like Alborada and Soy tu dueña is clear that at this point in her career she would not be willing to do these kinds of scenes.

"I have seen some scenes that overwhelm me a little and I would always like to keep my line a little more, I highly respect the work that everyone does but in my case, because of my line what I have done, I would like to do something more conservative within which good are strong themes and everything”, made clear the interpreter of 50 years.

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