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Yalitza Aparicio In New Rodarte Campaign

Yalitza Aparicio In New Rodarte Campaign
Yalitza Aparicio In New Rodarte Campaign

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Video: #DIORSTANDSWITHWOMEN #DIORCHINUP - Yalitza Aparicio 2023, January

There is no doubt that 2019 has been the year of Yalitza Aparicio. And it is that the Mexican actress not only starred in one of the most talked about films of the year, but was also nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Rome, her first job on the big screen. But, we have to admit that in addition to talent, what has put her everywhere is her incredible style. The young woman always monopolizes glances when she passes by a carpet and we have seen her wearing pieces by the most prestigious designers, including Prada, Prabal Gurung and Valentino. Another designer who loves to dress Aparicio, is Rodarte, who in fact chose her to be part of his new campaign.

For the new spring 2020 collection titled Rodarte Collection Portrait Series, the brand chose several celebrities to carry the spectacular pieces of that season, among them is a popular Mexican actress and we have to admit that she looks spectacular.

Aparicio appears in two images that the brand published on its Instagram account. In the first, the Mexican woman wears a fabulous black and white dress with bare shoulders, balloon sleeves and a polka dot strap. Her hair, loose and natural as usual, and the makeup is also very fresh and simple.

In the second image, the actress is wearing a black and white checkered sequin dress with balloon sleeves, like several of the other pieces in the collection, and flights.

Actresses such as Gabrielle Union, Kirsten Dunst, January Jones and Lili Reinhart, among others, also accompany Aparicio.

From what can be seen in the photos, in the beautiful collection black and white reigns, as well as flights and suits with vaporous skirts. Definitely, a dream proposal.

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