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Facebook Launches New Dating Application

Facebook Launches New Dating Application
Facebook Launches New Dating Application

Video: Facebook Launches New Dating Application

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Video: Facebook launches new dating app: Facebook Dating 2023, January

Good news for Facebook users! After more than a year of waiting, the California-based company announced on Thursday the official premiere of its first dating app: Dating.

The service will be available in the United States for users of the platform over 18 years of age and is directly integrated into the Facebook platform.

To start using the dating service, users must have the latest version of Facebook, download the Dating app and create a profile. There they should put information such as their height, religion, professional title, education and answer questions such as "What is a perfect day like for you?"

At the moment users will have the opportunity to express their interest with up to 100 like-minded people per day by placing a little heart or comment on the profile of the person they are interested in. If the person responds, then they can start a conversation through Facebook Dating.

In addition, the app has an additional function that is unique to the United States: Secret Crush, which allows users to choose up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers as possible “dates”. If the chosen people use Dating, then they will receive a notification in the service that will alert them that someone has a "crush" with them, according to Forbes magazine.

Haley Dunphy at event Facebook Dating App
Haley Dunphy at event Facebook Dating App

Dating initially started operating and about a year ago in Colombia and was subsequently tested in Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Talilandia, Suriname and Guyana.

"Facebook dating is a place to find love through the things you like, and what we mean by this is that we are trying to start relationships with meaning," Nathan Sharp, product manager for Facebook Dating.

"We have more than 200 million single users, so clearly there is something we can do here," said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder, in May 2018, announcing the project to highlight the enormous potential the service will have.

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