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Julio Preciado Needs A Kidney Transplant

Julio Preciado Needs A Kidney Transplant
Julio Preciado Needs A Kidney Transplant

Video: Julio Preciado Needs A Kidney Transplant

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Video: Julio Preciado - Hace Un Año (1999) 2023, February

After listening to reports about his health, the singer Julio Preciado turned to his social networks to clarify that he is not on the verge of death.

The interpreter assured that although he is under medical supervision because he needs a kidney transplant, he is stable thanks to the treatments he is receiving - and he clarified that not being a famous singer you can jump the steps to follow to improve your health.

"Checking the social networks, the truth is that some [messages] make me laugh, they are already killing me prematurely," the singer said humorously. “[Do I] need a kidney transplant? If when? I dont know. But I'm not dying, clarifying. With the treatment I have, I can be very well, I feel quite good.”

Preciado asked the media to inform himself before reporting such serious news and pleaded with the public to also inform himself before expressing the opinion that he could use his influence to skip steps within the protocol to follow in Mexico to be on the waiting list of donated organs.

"I appreciate people who want to donate a kidney to me. Before I accept it or do something of the kind, I have to do it with my brothers. My brothers are the ideal candidates for this. If they are not my brothers, there is a protocol that must be followed, which is to register on the waiting list of a kidney that has been on the waiting list for a year to a year and a half. Not because I am Julio Preciado they are going to put me in [the] first place [on the list], clarifying how many people are attacking me. In Mexico, unfortunately, there is no culture of donation, that is the great truth. I want to clarify this so that it does not lend itself to misinterpretations,”the interpreter explained calmly. "I am not buying anything, I am not offering anything,nor do I want to harm anyone because the first ones on the list as prospects are my brothers and any of my brothers are willing to give it to me.”

The singer confessed that this situation has changed his way of life and now he takes care of his diet and health more rigorously.

"I am teaching myself to live differently," he said. "I am not dying, that is the reality, I am stable thanks to the treatments that I am taking and I still have a kidney for a year and a half, two years, so I am not in a hurry. This is easy."

The legendary interpreter confessed that public criticism of his situation has not only hurt him personally, but that his family has also been affected - so he sent a forceful message to those netizens who use the networks to give an opinion without base.

"To the people who take advantage of this means to attack, let them first inform themselves," he pleaded. “It is more painful when they judge you without having a reason, a cause. They are really killing me with their comments, negative people, people who have nothing to do and who think without having the use of conscience.”

Preciado stressed that his work schedule continues as planned and that he continues singing as “spectacular” as the first day. This weekend it will be presented in Tijuana, Mexico.

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