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Jorge Reynoso Arrested In Texas

Jorge Reynoso Arrested In Texas
Jorge Reynoso Arrested In Texas

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Video: ¡Por esta razón Jorge Reynoso fue detenido en EEUU! | De Primera Mano 2023, February

The actor Jorge Reynoso is behind bars after being arrested by the authorities in Texas, who accuse him of charges of indecency-sexual contact with a minor with up to 20 years in prison.

According to the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP), the 62-year-old actor was preparing to enter the United States on Tuesday through the international bridge that connects the Mexican city of Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, with the American from Rome, TX, when he was detained by agents who identified him as the person against whom an Edinburg local police search and arrest warrant was weighed.

The agents later handed him over to police officers from that Texas city who were looking for him for an alleged second-degree felony, according to local police spokeswoman Sara Rodríguez.

After appearing before a judge Tuesday afternoon, he was posted a $ 250,000 bond and ordered to wear an electronic shackle to be located 24 hours a day, according to local media.

In addition, Reynoso must deliver his passport and may not leave the United States while the case is clarified.

According to the Televisa Newscast, the judge had originally ordered a bond of $ 500,000, but the actor's lawyer asked that this amount be reduced as much as possible since his client "does not represent a danger." He also assured that Reynoso has no intention of fleeing to Mexico.

According to The Monitor in McAllen, TX, authorities accuse Reynoso of improperly touching a relative under the age of 10 while preparing for a wedding on August 5. In the complaint, the newspaper adds, the alleged victim says that the accused took advantage of the fact that he had been left alone with her to give her a massage that included touching her genitals above her underwear.

The serious accusations suppose that, if found guilty, the actor could be sentenced to a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

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