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Germán Lizárraga Returns After Surgery

Germán Lizárraga Returns After Surgery
Germán Lizárraga Returns After Surgery

Video: Germán Lizárraga Returns After Surgery

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Video: Azerbaijan - Germany Surgery Days 2023, January

After an emergency surgery on August 9, the legendary musician Germán Lizárraga has reappeared in the midst of his convalescence to thank those who helped him when he suffered the accident that sent him to the hospital and assures his followers that there is Germán for a while.

The leader and founder of the Banda Estrellas de Sinaloa said he is successfully recovering from the operation in a video directed especially at those who intervened when he slipped and fell on a channel.

“I want to send a thank you to all those who helped me at the precise moment that I had the accident. For me it is something very [motivating] that they took great care of me,”said the clarinet player. "I do not have precise words to thank so many people who have been calling me, sending messages, who have come to where I live in the most beautiful port in the world of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. This video is so that they know that Germán Lizárraga is a grateful man”.

Through a statement, the Band assured that the operation had been a complete success and that its leader was under medical care to overcome the mishap. In addition, she announced that Lizárraga will undergo new studies the first week of September to see the evolution of her injury and decide which way to go.

The musician assured that his recovery is going well and that he has used this time to enjoy one of his favorite hobbies: dominoes.

“I want to tell you with great satisfaction that I have been evolving beautifully. I'm hardly going to have 15 days after this unfortunate accident happened to me and I already feel very good,”he said in the video. "With help I can stand up, they have even been taking me [to the garden] and I have been playing dominoes that is to my particular tastes."

The band confirmed the accident on August 8 and detailed how it happened. As they explained, after staying stranded on the bus where they were traveling due to a blockade of peasants on the road where they were driving, the musician tried to find out what was happening, so he got off the bus and it was there that he slipped causing the neck fracture of the right femur.

Fortunately, medical attention was immediate and he could be properly attended.

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