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4 Stabbed In California

4 Stabbed In California
4 Stabbed In California

Video: 4 Stabbed In California

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Video: 4 killed, 2 wounded in California stabbing attacks 2023, February

For more than two hours, a "pure hatred" man put the Orange County police in southern California in check by stabbing four people and leaving two more wounded before being captured. The most chilling thing is that all the deceased were Hispanic men.

The hunt for the suspect, also of Hispanic origin - and whose identity has not been revealed - began at 4:00 pm on Wednesday when the police responded to a call for a theft of a home in a residential complex located at 12162 Jentges Avenue, in Garden Grove, and that is the place of residence of the subject, as reported by the KTLA-TV chain.

23 minutes later, another call was received reporting that a man had presented himself armed with a knife at a bakery located at 13040 Chapman Avenue.

At 5:00 pm the police were called again to the apartments where the odyssey had started, reporting that someone had stabbed two men who lived there. One of them died at the scene and the second died at a nearby hospital.

At 6:09 a.m., and on alert, the police received a new call about a third person stabbed at a Chevron gas station located on Harbor Boulevard and Banner Drive. Witnesses told police that they saw the suspect armed "with multiple knives and machetes." The victim sustained multiple injuries and nearly lost his nose but is expected to survive.

Finally, around 6:25 pm, authorities managed to locate the suspect's Mercedes-Benz car at 7-11 Harbor and 1st Street in the Santa Ana neighborhood.

"We know this guy was full of hatred and that he wounded a lot of people tonight," Whitney of the Garden Grove Police said at a press conference, the Associated Press reports.

In the odyssey, the man also attacked a 54-year-old woman who worked for an insurance company. "She was very brave. He fought as much as he could,”Lt. Carl Whitney explained about the incident in which the woman fortunately survived and was saved thanks to the local alarm.

There they confronted the subject and disarmed him. Before his arrest, the guy had managed to stab the warehouse security guard who later died in a hospital, as well as a client at a restaurant in the Subway chain, as confirmed by Commander Robert Rodríguez of the Santa Ana Police Department.

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