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Eternal Love El Paso

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Eternal Love El Paso
Eternal Love El Paso

Video: Eternal Love El Paso

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“Amor eterno”, the classic and unforgettable theme written by the Mexican idol Juan Gabriel, has become a hymn after the massacre in El Paso, Texas, which occurred this Saturday in a shopping center and as a result of which 22 people lost their lives.

The singer born in Michoacán, but an adoptive son of Ciudad Juárez, the sister metropolis and neighbor of El Paso, wrote this song for his deceased mother and was immortalized by the Spanish Rocío Dúrcal.

Now the theme has gone viral thanks to the interpretation of the young Angélica María Casas, who accompanied by a mariachi sang the song at the top of her lungs during a tribute to the victims that took place in Ponder Park this Tuesday.

Dressed in traditional Mexican fashion, with her hair tied and guitar in hand, the young woman sang to the fallen the song that some often play at funerals in Mexico.

“If you come from a Mexican family, you know this song. It is usually sung at funerals to say the last goodbye. But it ends with the promise that one day we will meet, "said the young singer when sharing the clip on Twitter. "Today, El Paso sang it for the 20 victims of Saturday's massacre #Eternal Love."

The original subject in the interpretation of its author: Juan Gabriel

The video was posted on August 5 and has since been shared more than 13,500 times on Twitter.

The massacre has horrified the country, especially when it was learned that its alleged author, Patrick Crusius, had published a racist manifesto claiming that he wanted to "kill" as many Mexicans as he could.

In this assault 8 people from the neighboring northern country asked for their lives,

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