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Bad Bunny In The Hospital

Bad Bunny In The Hospital
Bad Bunny In The Hospital

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Video: BAD BUNNY Termina En El HOSPITAL Luego De Un SHOW! (Toda La Informacion) | SeveNTrap 2023, January

Bad Bunny is hospitalized.

The Puerto Rican rapper shared through his social networks a series of images from the hospital in which he is shown tied to a serum machine, and his face of suffering.

But do not spread panic. According to the caption of the photo, everything can be a matter of tiredness from work, from dehydration or from partying in Miami?

"Miami always beats me," wrote the interpreter of "'Tamos bien" in the fit of the image.

The photos caused a stir among his followers, who, worried, flooded his account with messages of support.

Some of the comments that stood out were from fans who asked her if she needed nurses.

And it is that the bad rabbit needs a little rest after several days of fighting with his Puerto Rican people in campaign to resign from the outgoing governor, Ricardo Roselló.

“Together we can achieve even greater things! Let's take advantage of this strength that we have taken to fight for what is just !! To continue removing these corrupt people who abuse the town !! To build a better Puerto Rico !!”, he expressed through his Instagram account the day the governor presented his resignation.

The mission of Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, Bad Bunny's first name, like that of all Puerto Rican artists, was to spread the message of "Ricky Renuncia" until he pressured the president to leave office.

Now that the mission was accomplished in a peaceful way, it is time to rest.

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