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Frida Sofía Was In Jail And Called 911

Frida Sofía Was In Jail And Called 911
Frida Sofía Was In Jail And Called 911

Video: Frida Sofía Was In Jail And Called 911

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Video: ¡Se filtró llamada de Frida Sofía al 911 antes de terminar en prisión! | De Primera Mano 2023, January

In the same way that Frida Sofía had no shame in publicly accusing her mother Alejandra Guzmán of having had a romantic relationship with one of her ex-partners, she did not hesitate to admit that last year she made a call to the emergency service of the 911 in Miami after a contractor with whom she says she had an ephemeral relationship allegedly threatened her.

"She told me: 'The call is a reality, it is something that really happened,'" Frida's publicist Alberto Gómez exclusively told People en Español. “[He said to me:] 'That's how I felt in the moment and I was afraid. It was an adverse situation, there is a whole story behind it. '”

The interpreter of “Ándale” made a desperate voice call to 911 in which she assured that a contractor who was fixing her apartment in Miami threatened to spread a video in which they had sexual relations.

"This guy was making the curtains for me, my things in my apartment," Frida said terrified to the operator. "We had a relationship and he's screaming all over the building saying he has a video of us having sex without my permission. So I took her phone and threw it away because I don't want anyone to see that, and she's threatening to leak it."

According to police documents dated May 25, 2018 and obtained by Suelta la sopa (Telemundo), Frida was accused of deprivation of liberty, vandalism, and assault against a man with the last name Mena, who caused scratches and left a swollen eye. The mother of the young artist paid bail for the singer, who pointed out that her daughter has problems with alcohol. “I have tried to start a new relationship because the one that exists no longer has respect. I walked away because at some point it was going to hurt me.”

People en Español contacted Guzmán and so far there has been no response.

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