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Joss Favela Apologizes To Thalía

Joss Favela Apologizes To Thalía
Joss Favela Apologizes To Thalía

Video: Joss Favela Apologizes To Thalía

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Video: Los mejores momentos de Joss Favela| Tengo Talento Mucho Talento|TTMT 19 2023, January

Joss Favela has tried to keep his career out of controversy, but when the Mexican pop queen Thalía accused a singer-songwriter of being arrogant, the fingers of many pointed to the Sinaloan - and he gave himself up.

Although the singer did not reveal the name of the person involved, she did detail her bad experience with him through a video published on her social networks.

“I tell you that yesterday I was in the studio working and then a singer-songwriter arrived. I am not going to say the name because it is not about balcony. The man came with an arrogance, I have spent years in this career and I have never met someone so arrogant, with such heavy energy, "said the singer. "After the man was an hour or so late, he arrived with the attitude of saying: 'I am here because they sent me and if I can contribute something, I contribute something and I have a rehearsal in a couple of hours'. For me and for my fleas, because María del del Barrio came out. Little feet so I want it, go away!”.

Joss Favela and Thalia
Joss Favela and Thalia

In a recent interview with the Mexican journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, the composer admitted that although the singer did not say his name, it was possible that he referred to him, so he gave his version of events. In addition, he apologized for the misunderstanding and assured that it would have been a privilege to have been able to sing with the Mexican diva.

“More or less how it happened was that I went to the Telethon in the United States, I am the composer of the hymn [of the event]. I go to the [Sony] label to say hello and they tell me if I want to go say hi [to Thalía]. I was delighted because in many interviews I said -as I said I wanted Alejandro [Fernández] and many artists to record me- I said that Thalía; there are many interviews recorded there and, well, I am happy to be able to go say hello,”explained the young man. “I arrived with my guitar and I had 45 minutes to be on the other side of the city to get to the [Teletón] rehearsals. We talk about the most trivial thing you can imagine. I left until happy to have met her. The next day I get up and see all those stories [that were published] and [it fell] like a bucket of cold water because I had never been involved in a type of situation like that.”

The interpreter, who has collaborated with artists such as Pandora and Becky G, among others, was dismayed by the episode and assured that he has never been reluctant to talk about what happened and sent a sincere apology to the singer.

“If I somehow offended, it has never been my intention. I am an author who lives, the tacos that I like to write songs, so if you are faced with the possibility of Thalía recording you, who is one of the greatest artists that Mexico has and the queen of Latin pop, how am I going To say I do not want to be recorded, if I live from that, if it represents success for me, does it represent important things?”he said. "It is the first time I have been entangled in something like this."

Given explanation, only time and Thalía will say if there is reconciliation -or collaboration- in sight.

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