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Gabriel Soto Photos Of His House In Acapulco

Gabriel Soto Photos Of His House In Acapulco
Gabriel Soto Photos Of His House In Acapulco

Video: Gabriel Soto Photos Of His House In Acapulco

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His life is a non-stop. Theater tours, endless filming times, photo shoots and much more. That is why when he has a few days off and without professional commitments, Gabriel Soto escapes to his private refuge, his home in Acapulco.

A dream corner in the bay where he has already shared some romantic sunsets with his girlfriend, Irina Baeva. Both escaped to this place during spring break, giving us several photographs of the spectacular enclave.

In his home we have also seen him enjoy his little girls Elisa and Alexa precisely in this house where they have been reunited with their relatives.

"Home, blessed, so happy, my place in the world," wrote the actor with a stunning photo of the house. The views are dreamy, just like the garden and the pool where we see him so often enjoying himself.

A wonderful place surrounded by magical places to practice sports and do a lot of outdoor activities like canoeing. If in the past weeks it was Geraldine Bazán who boasted of his super vacation in the Riviera Maya with his princesses, now it is Gabriel who has done the same in his private paradise.

Definitely a place where you can forget about everything and enjoy the sun, sand, sea and love. The images speak for themselves!

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