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Colombian Rapper Confesses Murder In Song

Colombian Rapper Confesses Murder In Song
Colombian Rapper Confesses Murder In Song

Video: Colombian Rapper Confesses Murder In Song

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On June 5, the Colombian rapper known as Yersey Tami, left his followers in shock when he posted a song on his YouTube channel in which he confessed to having committed a murder and in which he claims to have done it "for love."

After the revelation of the crime, the musician is now being held by the authorities of the city of Bucaramanga, where he faces charges of aggravated murder, attempted murder and illegal carrying of weapons after the murder on June 4 of the merchant Iván Castellanos Rangel, 22, as revealed by the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo through a report shared on its online site.

As reported by the rapper in his song and in revealing posts on his social networks, the crime would have been unleashed because the victim had a romantic relationship with his ex-partner and the mother of his two children.

“My people, this song is the last for a long season. I want them to share it so that everyone knows that my son Luian is my son, not of any other … I want them to know that I murdered for love, to recover what is mine: my family, "read the message that accompanies the video clip of the song "Things from the heart" on YouTube.

The same singer would have turned himself in to the police, assuring that he regretted having ended Castellanos' life. Interestingly, despite the song and its messages on social networks, the rapper did not accept the charges of which she is accused before the authorities handling the case.

Yersey Tami
Yersey Tami

"Today is the day of my delivery, soon they will know the truth of everything that happened. I am very affected to know that my life will take a turn … maybe it was a bad decision, but I can do nothing anymore … I want them not to forget me, that they remember me for what I was: a happy person with dreams and aspirations”, read the most recent message posted by the artist on his Facebook account.

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