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Homeless Is Readmitted To The University Of Texas

Homeless Is Readmitted To The University Of Texas
Homeless Is Readmitted To The University Of Texas

Video: Homeless Is Readmitted To The University Of Texas

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Video: Formerly homeless man readmitted to University of Texas after leaving school in 1975 2023, January

A homeless man who dropped out of school about 49 years ago, David Carter has been readmitted by the University of Texas at Austin so that he can earn his diploma and finish his degree.

The 67-year-old who has been begging on the streets of downtown Austin for years, powerfully caught the attention of Ryan Chandler, a young journalism and government student, who, knowing his story, decided to help him make up for lost time.

Chandler put the mission of raising eyebrows to the point that this man who suffers from schizophrenia and addiction problems could return to study and find a new meaning in his life. As part of one of his school projects and with the help of the Admissions Office, the young man obtained Carter's readmission to the school.

"We did it!" Exclaimed the student on June 1 when he shared a photo of Carter and the computer screen showing the admission message on networks.

According to the CBS affiliate station KVUE in Austin, approximately 49 years ago, Carter completed 87 hours of study as part of his studies at the university's arts department. With only one semester to graduate, the man left the institution to never return.

According to the old man, his desertion was due to an accident that "severely damaged his hand," according to Davis. "That made him lose the ability to draw and with it, he lost his passion and career."

The Caritas organization in Austin has helped the man to get ahead and now, with a new image and renewed vigor, he is preparing to return to the classroom. Incidentally, a third character has been added to this tender story, a good Samaritan identified simply as a "Texas ex" - that is, a UT alumnus - who has offered to pay Davis' full tuition.

What do you plan to study? That is what you are trying to decide now, but surely you are on the path of literature. "[I want] to write a great novel," Davis explained to the local newspaper Mayor. "I've been writing for 30 years now." Well!

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