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Tips From An Expert To Repair Your Damaged Hair Before Cutting It
Tips From An Expert To Repair Your Damaged Hair Before Cutting It

Video: Tips From An Expert To Repair Your Damaged Hair Before Cutting It

Video: Tips From An Expert To Repair Your Damaged Hair Before Cutting It
Video: Treatments For Damaged Hair | Dr. Bindu's Expert Advice 2023, March

Did you know that it is enough to wash your hair once or twice a week or that your hair loses keratin over time? The hair expert and spokesperson for the hairdressing brand L´Anza Haircare Ammon Carver, explained to me in his salon in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea how we can make our hair look healthier without having to cut it and other cutting tips and style to be trendy this season.

Read on to discover how to save your hair and don't miss our video, at the beginning of this post, to also look at the details of an ideal haircut to revitalize dry and curly hair if you decide to refresh your look.

When you have badly damaged hair, is cutting the only solution healthy?

Amon Carver: Cutting is definitely not the only solution if your hair is badly damaged. For example, L´anza Healing Haircare's range of products is responsible for physically repairing hair from the inside out. To my clients with damaged hair I recommend using Keratin Healing Oil Treatment of this brand every day, which does is replace the natural keratin that their hair has lost due to external damage or over time so that the hair becomes look strong and healthy again.

What is the ideal way to apply it?

AC You can use it on wet or dry hair. You simply apply a few drops to the tips of the fingers and distribute it over the hair as if combing it.

Is it also recommended for the finest hair?

AC Yes, it has a very light texture. Even for very fine blond hair, which are the ones that most often run away from oils, you can use it without weighing your hair down.

How many times a week do you recommend washing your hair and treating someone with damaged hair as a mask?

AC I always recommend, both for damaged hair and for those that do not, wash your hair as few times as possible. Our desire for shampoos is great, but at the end of the day the natural oils that your hair produces are lost [with the washes] and they are also damaged with tools such as tweezers and irons, that is, the less you do that process. Once or twice a week would be ideal for each type of hair.

And if we decide to cut, any advice to revitalize a dull and dry hair type?

AC One technique I learned from an expert curl stylist is to cut the last 3 or 4 inches of some locks diagonally to naturally open the curl for much more volume, elasticity and movement.

What is your favorite style for this season?

I love to see that women who normally have long hair always dare to celebrate their feminine side with a shorter and more powerful mane like a long bob with a straight cut on the shoulders. For a long time women thought that long hair is the most sensual and feminine thing and I love to see more and more strong cuts.

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