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My Little Pony Is In Fashion

My Little Pony Is In Fashion
My Little Pony Is In Fashion

Video: My Little Pony Is In Fashion

Video: My Little Pony Is In Fashion
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After turning the world of high fashion upside down with his collections inspired by McDonald's and Barbie, Jeremy Scott has done it again. The king of kitsch has taken an icon from the 80s and 90s such as the My Little Pony drawings and has made them the protagonists of his spring / summer 2018 collection that he presented yesterday in Milan.

Among those in charge of parading with the mythical colored horses on the catwalk were Bella Hadid, Charlotte Free and Kaia Gerber, the daughter of Cindy Crawford who has premiered this year as a star model of the most prestigious parades.

In this show, she showed her more punk side, combining the printed shirt with ponies and rainbows with fishnet stockings, a leather jacket and a light blue tulle and feather skirt.

That punk air also permeated the entire collection, with many accessories and shoes in studded black leather, and even spiked berets and bracelets.

In addition to the details that we have seen in the parade, there is also now on sale a capsule collection exclusively dedicated to ponies that Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino, has designed in collaboration with Hasbro and that you can get on the website from Moschino.

From iphone cases to underwear, bags, backpacks, sweatshirts, dresses to bikinis, you can get a whole wardrobe inspired by your favorite drawings. Of course, the prices are not for children.

Phone cases cost $ 75, you can find dresses or T-shirts starting at $ 250, and the jewel in the collection, a $ 1,995 handbag that you can afford.

While tano, dreaming is free!

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