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Britney Spears Without Makeup

Britney Spears Without Makeup
Britney Spears Without Makeup

Britney Spears wanted to share with her followers on social networks how she looks natural.

The singer who has a series of concerts in Las Vegas, published on her Instagram account not one but two photographs in which she appears with her face washed. Yes, Spears was seen without a single drop of makeup. The snapshots caused a furor among her fans.

“On days when I don't brush up or get ready for my show, this is me real and not glamorous… Nice to meet you all! I call this my morning coffee house look. #Mondaywithoutmakeup. If the mascara residue does not count under my right eye,”said the interpreter in the message with which she accompanied the photos.

Spears, who continues her Piece of Me show at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, has great self-confidence. The singer is one of the few artists who has published photographs of this type. Both images have over 360,000 likes and more than 12.7 thousand comments. The comments are very positive. Most of her fans tell her how pretty she looks, how good she looks, and appreciate that she was shown natural. "You are beautiful … with or without makeup!" Wrote a fan in Spanish. Meanwhile, another emphasized: "You look beautiful." Also, a woman thanked Spears for posting the images with this message. Now it was fear! This really helps me not to feel bad about my natural beauty, "he said.

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