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If You Have Very Dry Skin This Interests You

If You Have Very Dry Skin This Interests You
If You Have Very Dry Skin This Interests You

Video: If You Have Very Dry Skin This Interests You

Video: If You Have Very Dry Skin This Interests You
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To say that I have dry skin is to be too short. Since I was a baby I have grown up with eczema, dermatitis, and allergic reactions to countless cosmetics… why would I become a beauty writer then? It is a good question that we can leave for another time, but this introduction explains that I have more than dry and complicated skin. That is why I am very skeptical of products that are advertised as “for sensitive skin” and they are not so much and that is why I also like to share with my environment and our readers when I discover a product that truly works.

My latest discovery to treat my hands and lips, which are usually chapped almost every day despite religiously applying moisturizers, has been the Australian Lano + lips + hands + allover line of balms.

This line is famous above all for its lip balm and hand creams, but a few weeks ago I discovered its “cream-for-everything” Allover Golden Dry Skin Salve Super Intense and it literally saved me. As it says in the cream's own packaging, rather an ointment, this product is designed for “exceptionally dry, rough and unhappy” skin and can be used on the hands, legs, elbows, etc. I have even used it on the eyelids and lips, which are two areas very sensitive to dryness and irritation, and it was great.

Of course this cream has no parabens, fragrances (important for very sensitive skin!) Or artificial colors.

I have been using this ointment for about two weeks, especially on my hands and lips. During the day I have it on the office table and I apply it several times and one last time before sleeping and I have greatly improved the dryness of my completely chapped hands and lips. I am no longer separated from her!

Since I have verified that it works I have become more interested in the history of the brand and the miraculous material on which it is based. I must admit that I had heard of lanolin, but had no idea what it was.

The brand's founder, Kirsten Carriol, worked for more than ten years as public relations for fashion and beauty brands until she decided that no cosmetic made her feel as good as the lanolin her grandparents used on the farm in South Australia in the one that spent part of his childhood. Carriol's father, a prestigious scientist, told her daughter that the molecular structure of lanolin is the true secret of hydration.

But what exactly is lanolin? It is a 100 percent natural substance found in sheep wool and is what keeps it protected and dry throughout the year. The extraction process does not subject the animal to any type of suffering, they assure from the mark, and it is obtained after shearing the sheep and washing the wool.

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