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The Golden Rules Of Skincare For Celebrities
The Golden Rules Of Skincare For Celebrities

Video: The Golden Rules Of Skincare For Celebrities

Video: The Golden Rules Of Skincare For Celebrities
Video: The Truth Behind Celebrity Skin Care And Beauty Secrets 2023, March

The faces more than known from the cinema and television pass through his hands. Although the team of experts in skin care at the Afterglow salon in Beverly Hills does not like to give names out of respect to their VIP clients, thanks to social networks we have been able to confirm that Ana de la Reguera, Eiza González, Michelle Salas or Alexandra Pereira They are just some of the celebrities who trust them to take care of their skin.

We talk to them so they can share their essential tips, tricks and beauty routines to have a face worthy of the red carpet.

What is the skin problem that you see the most in your salon?

Acne and pigmentation or discoloration. As for the first, we believe that it is so frequent for several reasons: genetic predisposition, stress, [poor] diet and hygiene. Many of our clients forget to wash their faces well after exercising and sometimes even after wearing makeup. The discoloration or pigmentation is usually due to hormonal imbalances, not using the sunscreen correctly or even not using it at all.

What are your three golden rules regarding daily cleansing and hydration routine?

[The first thing] is to make sure you use a cleanser and moisturizer suitable for your skin type. The second thing is to make sure that you take the necessary time to do a proper cleaning, at least between 45 seconds and a minute, and [check that] the towel or cloth you use does not have any residue when you finish. Finally, we recommend including a serum between cleansing the face and applying a moisturizer. We firmly believe that a serum with vitamin C must be included in the daily routine, it is a true key product.

What do you think are the biggest mistakes we make when caring for our skin?

Using products that are fashionable or that worked for your friend, you have to make sure that they contain specific assets to treat your skin type. Another very common mistake is not having a healthy diet. Truly healthy skin starts from within. Invest in healthy food and drink plenty of water.

Could you recommend an infallible homemade mask?

Our favorite DIY face mask is great for almost all skin types. Its intention is to balance the skin and is great for those who suffer from lack of shine, dryness and uneven tone. You need: 1 inch slice of cucumber, 1 inch slice of aloe vera, 1 drop of bergamot essential oil, 1 drop of sweet orange essential oil and 1 pinch of himalayan pink salt. Using a spoon, scrape into the pulp of the aloe vera and cucumber in a cup. Add a drop of essential oils and a pinch of pink salt. Gently mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture to the clean face, neck and chest. Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Dry the skin and continue with your favorite moisturizer.

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