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Devices To Take Advantage Of Skin Products

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Devices To Take Advantage Of Skin Products
Devices To Take Advantage Of Skin Products

Video: Devices To Take Advantage Of Skin Products

Video: Devices To Take Advantage Of Skin Products
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Have you ever felt that your skincare products don't work the way they should or just don't do any good?

I used to think about it, but those days are long gone by the time I tried Michael Todd's Sonic Eraser Pro. It is basically a wand with a flat head that vibrates and heats up. This contraption completely changed my beauty routine.

It uses a technology called triplex that combines three types of infusions: sonic, ionic and thermal. This means that I can now really take full advantage of the ingredients in my products, as the combination of vibrations and heat helps open my pores so that the skin can absorb them much more than when I put them on manually with my fingers.

In addition, it gives you a massage sensation that feels very rich.

These are three reasons why I use Michael Todd's Sonic Eraser Pro religiously and can't imagine my beauty routine without it.

Notable results

Instead of the products remaining on the surface of my skin and leaving me feeling sticky and / or heavy, this device helps each gram of my products reach the deep layers of my skin, thus achieving results be better and faster. Serums and facial creams have never been so effective.

Quick changes

Before using this device I hardly ever saw noticeable results on my complexion. After a while I even thought that my face just didn't react to the products. But now I know I was wrong. It wasn't that the products were ineffective, they were just not reaching the deep layers of my skin so they could really make a noticeable change. At the moment I am using many products with vitamin C, such as the Vitamin C + Pearls from Karuna, and since the Triplex technology of this device helps me to absorb the ingredients of my products to their maximum, my skin now looks more radiant and even than ever.. Additionally, vibrations increase blood circulation that awakens tired skin and in the long term has anti-aging benefits.

I save money

Since I no longer have to use so many things, my product collection lasts much longer, which means that I don't have to go shopping as often and I have more money in my savings account.

Buy it! Sonic Eraser Pro by Michael Todd.

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