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Juliana Herz Invites Latinas To Become Models
Juliana Herz Invites Latinas To Become Models

Video: Juliana Herz Invites Latinas To Become Models

Video: Juliana Herz Invites Latinas To Become Models
Video: ELITE MODEL Juliana Herz Profile Spanish 2023, April
Juliana Herz
Juliana Herz

Her dream was to be a psychologist, but Juliana Herz's destiny was to be on the catwalks. Now, the Costa Rican model, who has spearheaded global campaigns for brands like L'Oréal and countless magazine covers, invites young Latinas to venture into the world of modeling by participating in the contest carried out by the Elite Modeling NY agency, which seeks find the "new face of America".

How do you start in the world of modeling?

I was living in Costa Rica, which is where I am from, I was in a restaurant and a photographer saw me. She asked me if I wanted to be a model, I said no. She asked me to take photos, she uploaded them on her Facebook and there she saw me [who is] my agency [now].

How did they convince you to pursue a modeling career?

They told me: 'you have nothing to lose, you do not have to spend money. It's super easy. If we get you a job you do it and it will be a way to have extra money. ' I said yes.

What has been the biggest challenge you have had to face?

For me, the most difficult thing has been to be outside my country, away from my family.

How much responsibility is there to represent the Latino community in this career?

I think it is important because you open the way for others to realize that it is possible, that [the clients] do not always need the typical white, blonde, blue-eyed girl. They want diversity, not always the same.


Tell us about the contest to find the next Latina model

[Need] girls of all kinds, diversity. You don't have to be tall, gigantic, blonde. You are not looking for something specific, just a girl who has all the attributes of a top model, who is not just physical. It is also personality, how you handle yourself when you enter a room. Having security, a set of things. A cool girl doesn't have to be a model. A girl who falls into that category of having a unique, different beauty that is not on the market right now.

Why do you think it is important that the Latin beauty be represented?

For me, Latin beauty is the best there is because it is a mixture of everything. Latinas are so sexy in my opinion, not only because I'm Latina, but we are kind of exotic and so different. The Latina is nothing more than the dark-eyed brunette. There are blond Latinas, with clear eyes, of all types of skin color, height, and body. It's not just the ones with the exaggerated curves. I feel it is important that there are Latinas in this market because we are so different.

What is the most difficult part of this race?

That you have to learn that if they tell you that your body is not well right now, that you have to lose weight, that the skin is medium [bad], any criticism is constructive criticism. They should not be taken personally. It is a career that is based, to be honest, on appearance. If someone sees you in a photo, they are seeing the appearance, they are not seeing your personality. If you go to a casting and the client does not want you, it is not personal, it is simply that you are not what they are looking for at that moment.

How do you take care of yourself to maintain a perfect figure?

I exercise, I have to take care of what I eat, which is difficult for me because I want hamburgers, pizzas, and fries. I want everything that is bad [for food]. Don't party a lot, don't drink liquor, sleep early if you have an important [job] the next day. To be responsible.

How did you prepare to be a model?

I do not feel that the courses work, I think it is something that is born in you. One does not learn to have confidence in a course, that is learned through life experiences. Having self-confidence is very important because if you feel insecure it shows in the photos because your face expresses so much. In the eyes you can know if a person is sad, happy, angry, even if he tries to hide it.

Who is your role model at a professional level?

For me Adriana Lima is the perfect woman. I have never [met her], but I have been told that they are very good people, very nice. She is like the sexiest woman in the world.

What would be your advice for aspiring models?

If you don't want to enter the competition for fear of being rejected, you're also taking away the chance that they might say yes. If you want to be a model, let them do it. The worst thing that can happen is that you don't win, but there will always be another chance. The most important thing is that they have security in themselves.

Are you afraid of old age?

Yes and no. It's exciting because you think, 'What is my family going to be like? Who am I going to marry and have children with? Where will I live? ', And all those things because it's exciting to think about it. But it is also a little scary because I do like my life at the moment and I don't want it to change. I want to be young forever and be able to continue doing what I'm doing.


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