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Beauty Tips From Mayra Tinajero, Supercross Reporter
Beauty Tips From Mayra Tinajero, Supercross Reporter

Video: Beauty Tips From Mayra Tinajero, Supercross Reporter

Video: Beauty Tips From Mayra Tinajero, Supercross Reporter
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Mayra Tinajero
Mayra Tinajero

We spoke with young Mexican Mayra Tinajero, the first Latina reporter from the Supercross motorcycle competition, about her beginnings in this male-dominated sport, about the beauty routine she takes to maintain a radiant complexion even when often surrounded by dust, and of the homemade ingredient that has done wonders for your skin.

Tell us about your role in this intrepid sport

I am the first Latina reporter of Supercross that is an extreme sport, full of adrenaline. It is a series of off-road motorcycle races that takes place inside baseball or soccer stadiums. Across the United States there are 17 races during the season that last from January to May. We have the official pre-show for the race called Race Day Live and I'm the reporter. They are like the qualifiers. They first have to go through tests to qualify for the show itself. You can start with 150 but only 40 [competitors] qualify. I talk about the news that is happening in the industry, what happens with athletes and I also interview them.

How did you start in this world?

It is a world dominated by men. I started as a model. There are girls who are like boxing, who have tables and announce the rounds before the race. I started doing that. She was also a fan of this sport. I [run on] motorcycle. I really liked Supercross. I found the opportunity to enter as a model and as a fan for many years I knew a lot about the sport. At the end of the 2015 season I found the opportunity to move into this reporter role.

How did you learn to ride motorcycles?

He taught me an ex-boyfriend. I have a passion for extreme sports. The Supercros tracks have a lot of techniques and it is really only for professionals. I do it for fun. I started riding in the desert and then I started riding on tracks.

With so much track dust it must be very difficult to keep your skin in optimal conditions. How do you control it?

There is a lot of dust, I am in the sun, in the wind and I have to look good on camera. The first thing is that I never fall asleep with makeup on my face. Even though I'm tired and late, I always take off my makeup. It is very important to wear sunscreen because I am out on the track. I also really like using coconut oil. I wear it all over my body, in my hair. I use it because it is natural and helps a lot to hydrate the skin”.

You have beautiful hair, what products do you use to keep it healthy?

I wear hair masks. I choose one that is hydrating, I do not look for marks. I have learned many model tricks that I have worked with.

What is the makeup trend that you like the most right now?

I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette to do the contour and it has really changed my life. It looks so good on cameras. I like it a lot because it defines the face very well. Before using it I looked good but the palette gives a touch to the makeup.

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